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Certified food
manufacturing company.

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About Us

Pastelería Eliana is a certified food manufacturing company with over 18+ years of experience. Founded in 2006 by Chef Eliana Campos Berry, it is MAUSAC GROUP’s origin and has a fundamental role in its operations.


Pastelería Eliana specializes in manufacturing food and bakery products for MAUSAC GROUP's brands, including Private Label and White Label partnerships. It works directly with MASUAC GROUP’s different brands and companies to ensure that production demands are met.

What Makes Pasteleria Eliana Unique?

Pastelería Eliana stands out for its versatility in scale and operations. With its 10,000 square-foot facility ideally located in Mexico City, 500+ team members, and 18+ years of experience, it harnesses the power of handiwork and flexible machinery to meet changing demands at an industrial scale. This makes Pastelería Eliana incredibly versatile as an industrial food manufacturer compared to its North American counterparts.


Pastelería Eliana also maintains internationally-recognized certifications and standards for food manufacturing, exemplifying its commitment to quality, safety, and social responsibility. This is evidenced by certifications such as GFSI-SQF II, SMETA 4-PILLAR, and our 100% Peanut and Tree-Nut Free Facility standard.

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Quick Facts:

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